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18 November 2019
Achieved the first PORTS Project output: online the State of the art and need analysis

It’s finally online the first output of the PORTS project: “State of the art analysis and needs analysis for cross-border accessibility”, developed under the WPT1 with the coordination by the Albanian Institute of Transport and the contribution by all project partners.

The research has been conducted to describe the existing routes between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic and took into account stakeholders' needs in order to improve cross boarder accessibility and their needs in terms of public investments and new skills required by the market. The analysis finally investigated the possibility to switch the transport modality of existing traffic flows into more sustainable and efficient ones, taking into account the place of origin and destination of goods and passengers.


To download the whole report, please follow the link below:

State of the art analysis and needs analysis for cross-border accessibility - DOWNLOAD NOW