19 December 2019
Discovering our ports: Durres

With this article, PORTS Project starts an editorial inititive aimed at discovering territories involved in our project activities. The purpose is to gather information on ports targeted by the project. The information will be general in relation to the information on the geographical position, the territorial space, the internal infrastructure, the connection with the road or rail transport, port activities and services, the port's importance in relation to other ports operating in your country. The aim of the above action is explain starting data of our maritime connection in order to highlight the impovements that PORTS Project brings into the project area.

We are glad to introduce you the Port of Durres in Abania!

Durres Port is managed by Durres Port Authority (DPA). The Law nr.9130 dt.08.09.2003 “For the Port Authority” creates conditions to operate as an independent self-founding authority. The development of the Durres Port has gone through many stages. It is restructuring itself to become a landlord port with most of port operating services been provided by private sector. DPA is a legal entity, responsible for all port related activities, i.e., cargo handling, maintenance of nautical and port infrastructure and superstructure, equipment and buildings and to carry out loading and discharging operations together with the associated storage and receiving of goods to and from road and rail. Durres Port Authority is the main national port of Albania. It is centrally located and is roughly 35 kilometers from Tirana. Durres Port is located in the geographical position 41°19' N and 19°26' E.

Some of the most important distances are:

1. The center is located 300 m from the port,
2. The train station is 500 m.

Structural Characteristics.

- Land Surface: 79 ha
- Water surface: 67 ha
- Berth length: 2275 ml
- Depth: 5, 6 - 11, 2 m

- Entry Chanel:
Length: 6755m
Depth: 8m
Width: 12m

Port of Durres handles all types of cargo including dry bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk, general cargo, chemicals, dangerous cargo, containers, Ro-Ro, heavy lift cargo etc. It consists of imports of various kinds of goods such as wheat, cement, fuels, construction material, foodstuff, containers etc., and exports of minerals like chrome ore, Ferro-chrome, scrap, containers and general cargo. The operating system is active 24 hours to all operators.

With 2,2 kilometers of operational quay land 11 berths the Port of Durres is capable to handle about 78% of Albania’s total international maritime traffic or 40% of Albania’s total international freight traffic. The port of Durres currently has a commercial capacity over 5 million tons of bulk and general cargo. The port of Durres is connected with highway network as well as with main railway network. Port of Durres is also a key location for transit networks and passenger ferry, giving Durres a strategic position with respect to Corridor VIII. Durres Port serves to 7 million people (Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia).  It is a SAFE and SECURE Port, certified Security Level 1. Our main trading partners are Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Libya, Russia, China, Brazil, USA, and Ecuador.

This creates facility of transit for passengers and goods on the European continent. The development of the Durres Port has gone through many stages to reach where we are today, a stable, safe and attractive port with values for society. Low operating cost motivates management team to realize quality services and some other value that characterize the port of Durrës.

After privatization of several services the Port is undertaking structural and organizational changes to make it more responsive to demands of a rapidly changing market place.

Port services:

- Cargo service
- Ship service
- The service for the protection of environment

Terminal operators

There are 4 terminals: Ferry Terminal, Container Terminal, Eastern Terminal (Bulk cargo), Western Terminal (General cargo)