Port of Taranto

10 October 2019
Launching our webinar: know how and new skills in... PORTS

Students, stakeholders and the Port Authorities of Taranto, Durazzo and Kotor.

The training webinars that will be implemented by the PORTS project partners will be tailored to these targets. Multimedia lectures on eight themes that will allow the audience to learn more about the ports of the future: the green and safe ports. In the last meeting in Taranto, the project partners shared the concept and the strategies to follow. In the next meeting in Podgorica the working group will define the contents. And soon, very soon, the changes and opportunities of this new great gamble concerning the management and energy efficiency, the green innovation, the environmental monitoring, the security in the management of port operations will be illustrated. Besides, a great work will be realized on the regulatory reference framework in the sector, on the Port Community Systems and on the port inspection controls.

Meanwhile, the mathematical model that will allow to analyze the state of logistics in the Ionian-Adriatic corridor and identify new potential connections between Taranto, Kotor and Durazzo is under completion.

New free tools opened to everyone to enhance the Motorways of the Sea an,  through these, to feel Italy, Albania and Montenegro closer and closer.