Mathematical transport model

07 December 2020
Mathematical transport model

New strategies to improve, enhance and optimize connections and exchanges through the motorways of the sea between Italy, Albania and Montenegro. This is the goal of the mathematical model created and implemented by the Polytechnic of Bari as partner of the PORTS project and soon available to public institutions, stakeholders and private companies. The activity developed by the project partners is based on the analysis of the traffic data in the Ionian-Adriatic logistic corridor to identify opportunities for new potential routes in the project area and their impact. The model is built on the basis of a temporal geographical information system to support the management of the cartography, made available by the Politecnico to the project partners. The data collection and integration by partners activity made it possible to compose overlapping, detailed and fully traceable information levels, for the execution of different types of multidimensional analysis procedures. The activity allowed to create a map of the intermodal transport network in the project area, through the calculation of performance indicators relating to the different types of goods flows and the most relevant maritime traffic routes. The results, therefore, highlight the potential for optimizing the efficiency of logistics processes and expanding the opportunities for the economic development for the various types of maritime services. The action has a double value: on one side, it has a scientific value, through the creation of a relevant cartographic corpus enriched by annotated data and the deepening of the characteristics of the maritime connections in the project region; on the other, the activity has an economic-social value, with new possibilities of exploiting the data collected, organized and analysed to promote the economy of the three territories through informed decisions taken by both public decision makers and companies.

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PORTS WPT2 D.T2.3.2 Network Chart