Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor, University of Montenegro

22 November 2019
Ports project promoted at the Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor, University of Montenegro

A workshop entitled “Empower the Network” was held at the Faculty of Maritime Studies Kotor, University of Montenegro, within the Science Day that was organized on November, 20th 2019. Prof. Dr. Špiro Ivošević, MSc Maja Škurić and MSc Radmila Gagić as University’s team members from the Partnership for the Observation and study of new Routes and Transnational Sea-highways – PORTS project organized a presentation and a workshop to promote and disseminate realized activities on the project. On behalf of the associate partner Port of Kotor AD, Doc. Dr. Pavle Popović has attended the event.

This project overview, among other things, represented a good opportunity to inform the participants and relevant stakeholders about the main and specific objectives of the project, promotion of sustainable transport services and facilities, the importance of sea connection between Italy, Albania and Montenegro and study of new routes and transnational sea-highways.

The lecturers talked about the multimodal logistics platforms and Motorways of the Sea concept in order to report the current findings and potentials to the representatives of industry sector as described in the State of the art analysis and needs analysis for cross-border accessibility (WP T1.3.3) delivered by Albanian Institute of Transport. Finally, the official PORTS project website has been promoted.