The future of ports

16 September 2019
The future of ports: efficient, innovative, secure and green

The production of a training webinar in the sustainable and green transport is the main theme to be dealt with on September, 25th, with PORTS partners during the meeting to be held in the Port System Authority premises in Taranto. In the next following months a cross-border experts Committee will work on desk research activities and the setup of highly innovative contents linked to green ports, energy efficiency and planning, Waste management, Green innovation, environmental monitoring, Safety/Security in the management of port operations, Port facility security plan, EU Regulation and international agreements in port safety domain, Port Community Systems and Cyber risk management, Port Safety Inspections in the three ports of Kotor, Taranto and Durres.

The above interactive online webinar will represent a project deliverable for free and open to public, accessible through the official PORTS website as of 2020 and potentially integrated in specific training paths addressed to students, ports operators and interested stakeholders in the field.